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December 23, 2012
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"Great. She's out again… just wonderful." Jack said throwing his arms up in the air exasperatedly. North smiled thoughtfully.

"She looks exactly how I picture her…" North said in thoughtful awe, "Oh…" Tooth said covering her mouth with astonished excitement. The girl laying half-way in the sack looked to be about 13 or 14-years-old, with olive skin, round cheek bones, a slightly round nose, small rosy lips, thick, black hair which cascaded down her shoulders in wavy locks, and almond shaped brown eyes which were peacefully closed with sleep.
Tooth flew over to the unconscious girl and lightly moved a strand of hair out of her face to reveal her bandaged bruise.  "Poor thing…she must be exhausted …" she looked down at her sadly.
Jack stood up and rubbed his jaw, "Well her fist didn't seem to be…" he murmured.
Bunnymund hopped over to the sleeping girl and gently picked her up in his furry arms, "Careful, Bunny…" Tooth said, "I know, I know, I've got 'er."
"What took you so long?" North asked the trio that came through the tunnel just moments ago. The three of them exchanged uneasy looks.
North furrowed his brow with concern, "It was Pitch, wasn't it?" Sandy nodded and started explaining the situation with his sand.
North nodded knowingly, "I see…"
Bunny adjusted his grip on the girl, "Idiot sent his bloody monsters after us down the tunnel. Wouldn't have made it outta there if it weren't for Sandy." He said motioning towards him. Sandy waved out his hand as if saying 'don't mention it.'
"But…now that she's here…now what? I know she's supposed to help us, but what are we supposed to do…?" Bunny handed the sleeping girl to the nearest yeti, and the guardians then broke out into conversation.
After a minute, light poured through the Skylight, which caught Sandy's attention. He looked to the others who were still talking and arguing about the situation. "Well, maybe we have to teach her something?" "But what exactly?" "I don't know…something?" "C'mon guys, let's not argue about this…" Sandy made signs with his sand, but once again, they didn't hear him.
Jack noticed Sandy waving his arms about trying to get their attention. He decided to help him.
"Hey…"Jack said, they didn't hear him, "Hey, guys…!" he was cut off by North's voice, "Guys!"

Jack thrust his staff into the ground and a strong gust of wind flew through the room. all was quiet as everyone's eyes were on the winter spirit who had an un-amused look on his face, which matched Sandy's perfectly.
Jack pointed at Sandy, and Sandy pointed at the open Skylight which had the moon shining through it.
"Ah…of course…Man in Moon…" North chuckled, slapping his forehead. Jack and Sandy looked at each other, shrugging and rolling their eyes.
"Manny. It's been a while, old friend. We have done what you have asked. What must we do now?"
The light shined upon the emblem in the floor and a silhouette appeared in the shape of Pitch and his new Fearlings, which looked as if they were growing in number.
"Pitch's growing stronger…" Bunny whispered, and then the silhouette changed and it showed the form of a girl and all the other Guardians surrounding her.  
"I see…" North said. "What?" Jack asked. North turned to his fellow Guardians;
"We must protect this child; and teach her the way of Guardians." He said.
"What?" they all said in unison.
"I know, right?" North said shrugging. Bunny came up, with a confused look, "Whoa, whoa, whoa…hold on a second, mate: so you're saying we have to go against the rules by bringing a human into our realms, and teach her to be a Guardian? No, that just doesn't sound right, mate."
"Hey, Manny's words, not mine." North said pointing at the moon. "North…I don't know if we can…I mean…how do we train a human to become a Guardian?" they all began to chatter amongst themselves.
"Wait, wait, wait hold on guys!" they all stopped and turned to Jack, "Tooth," she perked up at the sound of her name, "Didn't you tell me that we were all someone once? Well, doesn't that mean we were once all human?" Jack said motioning to the girl sleeping in one of the yeti's arms.
The Guardians remained silent for a moment, and understood his words, "Look. Every one of us was human once. So, how can she be any different? We were all chosen by him…" he pointed at the moon, and the others looked where he was pointing.
Sandy came up and used his picture dust again.
"Sandy's right. Now's not the time to be doubting Manny's decisions. Pitch is on the loose, and we need all the help we can get." Bunnymund said. He turned to the unconscious girl, "Even if she is just a kid…"
"Alright! Then it's settled! Training begins tomorrow! Ha-ha!" "But shouldn't we talk to her about this first?" Tooth said motioning to the girl.
"Oh…right…" North faltered. He furrowed his brow, "What is the child's name?" he asked. Bunny looked at Sandy, Sandy looked at Tooth, and Tooth looked at North. They didn't even know her name.
"Skyler." They all turned to Jack who was leaning against the wall, with his arms crossed, looking ahead.
"Her name's Skyler. She told me a while back." Tooth looked at him concernedly, her wings buzzing a little harder than usual.
"Jack there's something you aren't telling us…"
Jack remained silent, staring at the ground.
"Jack. What happened?"


He gave a heavy sigh.
"It…started at the pond…"


Earlier at the Pond…

"Oh jeez…!" Jamie cried as he knelt next to Jack and his dazed friend. "Aw, man, she must've hit her head when the ice broke… I need you to go Jamie."  Jamie shook his head, "Jack, I need to take her back with me, or else we'll be in trouble. She needs help, now!"  Jack put his hand against her forehead, trying to reduce the swelling, since his hands were always cold enough.
Skyler groaned in his arms, her head turning restlessly against his shoulder. He looked down at her and saw her eyes open halfway. He gave her a reassuring smile, "Hey, You're going to be fine. Just hold on, okay?" she seemed to look up at him curiously, her dark brown eyes seemed to hold a question she couldn't verbally say.
Then they began to close and her head slumped against his shoulder again.
Aw…this isn't good…
He stood up with the limp girl and turned to Jamie, "Here, I need you to take her." Jamie nodded and turned around, and had Jack set her on his back for him to carry her. Jamie adjusted his grip on her and turned to leave, "Follow me. I know where she lives. We can talk more in the way there." Jack nodded, and followed his young friend to Skyler's house.
Jack and Jamie were nearly a block away from their destination, and things were just about cleared up, "…So I'm pretty sure it's her." Jack said. "How can you tell?" Jamie asked. Jack shrugged, and pointed his staff at Skyler, in which it started to glow again. Jamie watched in wonder as it stopped glowing when Jack pulled it away and rested it against his shoulder again.
"Cool…" he said. "I guess that means…she's the one I'm looking for?" Jamie looked down sadly, "But that means…you have to take her away with you…what about her family…?" Jack looked down doubtfully, "I don't really know yet. But…I guess I need to get Bunny and Sandy here to help me." Jamie perked up a little, "I can help you!" he said, Jack chuckled, "Oh really? With what?" he asked with a slight smirk, "I understand she has to go with you, and from the looks of it, she might be gone for a while. So I'll just help pack her things." Jack shrugged thoughtfully, "Yeah, you could. But that depends if she wants to come with us or not." Jamie nodded.
There was a long silence between the two until they reached Skyler's house.
"I'll see you later." Jamie said. Jack smiled and waved good-bye. He turned to leave.
"Um…Jack?" he stopped and turned back to the 12-year-old, "You two will come back…right?" Jack chuckled, "Course I will. I promise." Jamie smiled. "Okay. Later Jack!" "Later Jamie. I see you soon."
And with that, he hid in a nearby tree, and waited for night fall.
She'll come back…we'll protect her…

…I promise.

AN. This was hard to write. I'm not very proud of this chapter. It's rushed, and I think it kind of sucks. And there was some cheesy crap in here. But if you stick around, I promise it'll get better. R&R, I'd very much appreciate it!
I honestly think this was a stupid chapter...half of it was a filler...Ugh! I hate this sometimes....But thankfully, this will get better. after this chapter.
but right now, I'm tired.
G'night. and don't let Pitch enter ur dreams. let alone ur house.

Sandy will kick his ass.
all well.
g'night again peeps.

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