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"Are you sure about this Jack? Do you want one of us to come with you?" Tooth asked. Jack tugged on his sweatshirt and grabbed his staff. Jack had a mission, and this was the most important thing he has ever done in his life. He turned to Tooth who looked worriedly at him, her wings buzzing a little faster. He smiled at her, "I'll be fine, I've been doing stuff like this for a while now; I know what I'm doing." He slung his staff over his shoulder and began to walk back to the others.

"B-but I mean…considering the circumstances of the situation, wouldn't it be wise to have someone, or a partner…?" Jack stopped and turned to her, slightly exasperated, "Tooth seriously, I've been going solo for a long time now, I think I know how to handle myself." He continued walking as Tooth slowly hovered behind him unsurely. Baby Tooth hovered by her leader's shoulder and saw the sad look in her eyes, Tooth could feel her stare, "I'm just fine Baby, no need to fret." She said, feigning her beaming smile.

Who am I kidding?


"Are you ready, son?" North said, Jack shook out his shoulders and sighed heavily, "As I'll ever be I guess…" North came up to him and pat him on the back, "Be safe, and we'll see you soon." Jack nodded and patted North's arm. Bunnymund came up to him, his arms crossed, and his face was deadpanned, or at least trying to. He cleared his throat hesitantly, Jack did the same, and an awkward silence settled between them, "Well…um…" Bunny patted his shoulder, "Take care…and don't get yourself killed, mate…it would…make Tooth pretty upset if you did…all of us would be." Jack chuckled and playfully punched his shoulder, Bunnymund didn't want to admit it, but he cared about the rebellious winter spirit. "Just don't have too much fun while you're gone, Frost-bite." Jack rolled his eyes, "Whatever, Kangaroo." Bunny didn't comment.

Sandman came up and started talking with his pictographic dust, Jack turned to North hopefully for a translation, the large Russian chuckled, "He says be safe, and return with her safely." Jack kneeled down and gave Sandy a fist bump, "Sure thing Sandy." He said.

"Um, Jack…?" Jack turned back to Tooth, who was hovering shyly nearby; Baby Tooth was hovering with her along with all the other little fairies.

"Yeah Tooth?" Tooth fidgeted with her fingers for a moment. She flew over to him and folded her hands in front of her, "Good luck on your mission." She said with an unsure smile, Jack looked at her curiously, he'd never seen her like this, she's always so straight forward with him. She leaned in and hugged him tightly, resting her head in the crook of his neck; "Don't do anything reckless." She whispered in his ear, he chuckled, "I can't really promise that." Tooth pulled back and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed, and she flashed him her famous smile, "Take care of your teeth while you're gone, for the next time I check them!" she said, becoming her normal bubbly self again. Jack turned towards North, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bunnymund turn away. He shrugged it off. probably him brooding, as usual.

"All right, let's get this show on the road! Phil!" the Yeti, Phil, came up with a large red sack in hand. Jack groaned, "Ugh…not this again!" North shrugged, "What? I thought you liked being tossed in sack and thrown through portals?" "I was being facetious." Jack said flatly with an un-amused look, The Leader sighed and waved the Yeti off, Phil turned away with a grumble, "Later Phil." Jack said, saluting him with two fingers, the Yeti turned around, pointed threateningly at him and marched off with a grumble. North looked at Jack with a raised eyebrow, "What did you do to make him so mad?" Jack shrugged, "Let's just say it ended in mild hypothermia and a few broken noses." "Ah. so that is what you meant by 'break in'."

North snapped his fingers and the portal began to opened, "The portal will take you to where the Dreamer is. And remember, even if she doesn't believe in you, she'll still be able to see you." Jack nodded; he reached back and pulled his hood over his head, staff in hand, and waited for the right moment.

"Прощание,* Jack!" and with that, Jack jumped through the portal, "Later guys! I'll come back with her, I promise!"

And with that, Jack Frost was gone: with the weight of the world on his shoulders.



The Guardians waited outside of North's office, waiting eagerly for the news from the Man in the Moon. North decided to talk with him in an emergency meeting.

Tooth was biting her finely manicured nails as she eagerly buzzed back and forth, her mini duplicates following her non-stop. Sandman, once again, was dozing in a corner, but he seemed to be slightly restless as he snoozed away, probably his way of being eager too. Bunnymund was sitting on a stool, wittling out a stick with a carving knife he had found, to keep his impatient and fidgety paws busy.

As for Jack, he sat on a table cross-legged, his arms folded across his chest with his staff tucked in between them.

He watched the others fidget around restlessly. The only sounds in the room were Tooth's wings buzzing, Sandy's snoring, and Bunny's carvings. He tapped his finger on his knee, trying not to give into the anxiety.

But who could blame him? Or the others; Pitch had returned with the threat of all life on the planet practically being wiped out. And he nearly destroyed them and the beliefs of all the children in the world.

Now who knows what he could do now. What he did to Tooth was probably just the tip of the iceberg, and she's still pretty shaken from it.

After about five minutes of annoying silence from everyone, Jack stood up and jumped off the table, the others looked up at him as he broke the silence, "Ugh...I can't take this anymore." Jack groaned, Bunny stood up, "Oi, what are you doing?" Bunnymund asked, giving him a confused scowl, "I'm going in." he grumbled, Tooth jumped, "Jack you know you can't do that—!" Jack turned to her, walking backwards towards the door as he did so, "What? It's not like he's coming out any time soon, he's kept us waiting long enough—"


The other guardians' heads snapped up, and Sandy jumped awake.

"Hello my friends! I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long?" the others stared at the large red man, and exchanged looks with their eyes, and at another corner of the room.

"What? Did something hap…?" North asked looking in the direction they were staring at, and raised his eyebrows in surprise, "Oh…"

Jack was lying sprawled upside down against the wall in an awkward position, his staff thrown across the opposite side of the room, and his face was red with the imprint of the door on it.

"I guess I didn't need to knock…" he groaned sitting up. Bunnymund burst out laughing, holding his side and pounding the table with his fist.

Jack straightened out , wiped his sweatshirt off and snatched up his staff from the ground, "Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want, you over-sized rodent." He grumbled. Bunny stopped laughing, "Ro-rodent—? W-what? Why you little—!"

North cleared his throat loudly, "As I was saying…I've got some good news, and some bad news: The bad news is, Pitch has become stronger than any of us. And we can't defeat him ourselves." The guardians looked down bereft, and doubtful, "But! The good news is; we have a way to stop him." They all suddenly looked hopefully at him.

"When Pitch came; he mentioned the Dreamer. Well…Sandy is the only one who knows more about her." North said.

Jack looked at him curiously, "Her? It's a girl?" North shrugged, "That's what I was told. Or at least, that is what he thinks. He is sure she is girl." Jack listened intently, "A few centuries back, Manny knew Pitch would get out of hand sooner or later, so he created the Dreamer, to help Sandy keep him in check, and to protect the children and the Guardians themselves. The Dreamer has ability to create any dream into reality, so since they were pure of heart, they turned good dream into reality, however; if they were corrupted and had greedy heart, like Pitch, then they could turn nightmare into reality." Tooth shuttered and her feathers ruffled out, "But…of course Pitch also saw the threat she posed on him... so he did away with first incarnation, and has been tracking her down ever since." Jack turned to Sandy, who looked down sadly, North saw him too, "She and Sandy...were very close." Jack looked back at North, "What do you mean, 'Incarnation'?" Jack asked, North looked over at him, "She reincarnates." North affirmed, Jack nodded. "But, thankfully, she's alive and well."

Jack shrugged, "So, we need to find this chick," "Or boy." Tooth said, "Or boy, and bring her back here; simple as that. No big deal." Jack said resting his arms behind his head.

North looked uneasy for a moment, "It's not that simple, Jack. And we're not looking for her…" Jack looked up, confused, "…You are." Jack jumped up surprised, "What?! Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up a bit; I have to find her? Why me? I saved the world once from this psycho, and now I have to do it again?! Why does it have to be me saving the world?"

"It won't be you, it will be her. She'll be the one to stop Pitch once and for all."

Jack looked confused again, "Will I end up having to babysit them the whole time?"

North could see he kept losing Jack with the explanation; he sighed,"Manny told me the mission; 'Send Jack Frost to find the Dreamer. His staff will guide him to her and will glow when she's close. Once you've found her, bring her back safely'."

Jack's eyes flickered up at him with surprise. He turned to the others; they all looked as surprised as him. All except Sandy; who was looking at him with great seriousness.

Jack hesitated. This was important. He knew that, but...he wasn't sure about it.

"Jack." He looked up and saw Tooth hovering in front of him, her beautiful violet eyes meeting his blue ones, "Even though you might not think so; we're here for you. We'll always be here. You won't be alone." Jack looked down and thought for a moment. so i guess it's up to me now...

He took a deep breath and sighed.

"Where do I start?"


Jack looked around the snow-covered town and saw the children playing below, and laughing with careless glee. Jack knew this place.

"I'm back in Burgess?" he said out loud. He flew down to the snow covered sidewalks and looked around. "I know this street..." He looked behind him and saw the familiar homes lined up around the block. Jamie's house is around here...

"Hey, c'mon! i know a great spot to got sledding!" Jack turned around in the direction of the familiar voice and he smiled thoughtfully as he saw an older Jamie walking down the street with a sled and another girl Jack had never seen before; but she looked to be about a year older than him, maybe 13 or 14 years old, but she was shorter than Jamie by an inch.

Then Jack had an idea;

"Maybe Jamie can help me with this..." he said with a smile.

Yep, now the ball's rolling. ANd as you can see Tooth's getting pretty clingy with Jack. Lol
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