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Skyler was your typical nine-year-old, with an open mind, large imagination, and a strong faith in your holiday idols: The Guardians. But she was different; her dreams would always come true; literally. But of course, who would believe a nine-year-old child?
But on a stormy winter night, a blizzard abruptly hit and her parents' car swerved off the road and crashed into a frozen lake. No one survived that crash.
But she did. And she doesn't know why.
But she does know something…or someone saved her.
Now 5 years later, she's now 14 and starting high school, and the memory of her savior has long been lost.
But now as her 15th birthday nears, she has been having the same dream every night about a frost covered boy with white hair. She knows she's seen him before.
But never did she think she would meet him.
Pitch Black has returned after 2 years with new powers, but stronger, and hungrier for revenge, but he's not just targeting the children; he's targeting everyone. Jack Frost and the Guardians can't defeat him alone. So the Man in the Moon has given them a new mission; Send Jack to "find the Dreamer".
Jack's journeys lead him and the Guardians to Skyler, whose dreams are the only thing that can defeat Pitch. But Pitch Black has other plans; and he needs Skyler fulfill them.
Will the Guardians be able to protect the children of the world, by protect one from the clutches of the Boogeyman?


A child's world is full of simplicity and small delights. But a child's beliefs are extravagant and filled with wonder. Though…there are times when…I wish the world really was that simple…


"All right everyone, let's get a move on! We need to finish things up before the end of this month if we're going to make the deadline! So let's go, cпешите сейчас!*" North's loud booming voice echoed through the workshop, his Russian accent as thick as ever. Tooth and her little fairies decided to lend a hand in preparations for Christmas, and were now mingling among the other workers, smiling sweetly as she did so. As for Sandy, he was simply dozing in a corner like he always did.
The Yetis worked diligently and quickened their pace, while the elves screwed around like the bunch of nim-rods they were, and Tooth was still doing her own thing. One of the elves got a hold of one of the toy canons; another fell into it and was shot out across the room and hit the wall with a splat over North's ducked head.
The large guardian stood up, leaned on the railing and sighed stressfully, wiping his hand over his face, "Elves…" he groaned; "Sometime I wonder why they're here…."
"I see last minute toy-making is getting rushed as normal, eh, mate?" a friendly voice chuckled. North turned to his old friend, who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, "Unfortunately we're running about two days behind this year…I just hope we don't get side tracked this time Bunny."  Bunnymund uncrossed his arms and walked over to his tired friend patting him on the shoulder, "You won't; everything is going to be fine, mate. Pitch's gone, so you won't have anything else to worry about." North gave another sigh, and stared out into the working din of elves and yetis, "No, I know that, it's just…" he trailed off. Bunnymund gave him a concerned look, and then he understood.
"You're worried about Jack aren't you?" he asked. North nodded and crossed his arms over his chest, "I'm just worried he'll give up hope that no one will believe in him." He said sadly, Bunnymund scoffed, "You don't need to worry about the little Frost-bite; he can take care of himself. Besides, he's got Jamie…"  "But one day, Jamie won't be enough…" North cut in. Bunnymund sighed and crossed his arms too. "He won't disappear. He's too stubborn for that." He knew all too well what would happen to Jack if everyone forgot him completely…
They both looked down at the workers again, and watched Tooth buzz around each table cheering on and encouraging the Yetis.
Bunnymund laughed to himself, and decided to switch the subject, he turned to the leader of the guardians with a thoughtful smile, "I wonder what that walking freezer's doing right now…probably causing trouble as usual, it's kind of quiet without the squirt arou—"
A gust of freezing wind blew against the two Guardians' backs. The fur on Bunnymund's back froze over in and icy stiffness that he shuttered. That's when Bunny knew who it was. He groaned in annoyance and closed his eyes, "Aw…So the Kangaroo missed me after all." Said a young smug voice, Bunny could almost hear him smile; "Oh…Crikey..." he growled shaking his head.  North turned around and beamed, "Ah-ha! Well if it isn't Jack Frost!" he laughed happily.
Jack Frost was leaning against the wall on his staff, he was wearing a new solid blue hoodie, with white fur around the rim of the hood, with his hands stuffed in his pockets. He still wore that mischievous smirk on his thin pale lips, and his icy blue eyes still holding their laughter.

North came towards him and wrapped him in his strong, tattooed arms, crushing Jack under the pressure, "Oh boy…y-yeah…great…t-to see you t-to b-big guy…." He said trying to breath against his crushing hug.
"Jack?" Tooth poked her head over the railing with her usual sweet, beaming grin on her face, her wings fluttering a little faster than usual, as did her fairies. North let go of him and Jack gasped for air. "Jack~!" Tooth tackled him into a hug and started inspecting his white teeth like she did before, "Ah…Naish to shee yoo too, Toof…" he said against her invasive hands. She let go and smiled dreamily, "Just the same as the last time is checked them!" Jack rubbed his jaw as he moved it around; "Y-yeah…" he said becoming a little pink. He exhaled with his cheeks puffing out a little, "Who knew greetings could be so…painful..." he whispered to himself.
"So, my boy, what brings you back to Pole? Anything new happen? Oh! Did you come across any more children that believe in you??" Jack shrugged casually, "Nothing much, I was just around the neighborhood, and as for believers…I came across a few…ish…" he said.
Bunnymund raised a furry eyebrow and smirked, "And how many is 'a few-ish', mate?" Jack shrugged again; "You know…" he trailed off, avoiding eye contact.
"You haven't seen any have you, mate?" "No…"  Jack said dejectedly, "Ha! I knew it—!" "Bunny! Hush!" Tooth scolded, elbowing him in the arm; he shrugged defensively, "What? I'm just sayin'…"
Jack shoved his hands into his pockets again and sighed, "Nothing much's changed these past two years…yeah, there might have been a couple of kids here and there that might've seen me but…" he sighed again, his expression looked bereft and sad. For a moment Bunny felt pity on him. But Jack shook his head and smiled again, "But, I saw Jamie a while back, and he can still see me." He said turning on his heel towards the railing. The others exchanged worried glances, and Tooth stepped in.
Tooth flew over to him, her hands holding each other against her chest, she reached one out to touch his shoulder reassuringly; he looked up at her, "Jack, it's good that you still have hope, and that kids are starting to believe in you. I…we, want what's best for you, and we just want you to know…."
Tooth was cut off and her head shot up as well as the others, Sandy was shaken out of his sleep, literally, as the whole building began to shake and sway. The Yetis stopped working, and the elves stopped in their tracks in their fun.
They all looked above them confusedly, "W-what's happening?" Tooth said worriedly. "I don't know…" North said.

"Hello, hello, hello…little Guardians… did you miss me?"

Tooth gasped in horror,
Bunnymund, North, and Sandy stared at the large globe which showed the world's children. Jack's eyes widened, "No way…" North stared in shock as the globe began to be consumed in black sparkling dust and regenerating into a figure standing on top of it.
"No…it can't be…" North breathed.
The form fully generated into its tall lithe form, and there stood was everyone's worst nightmare, and fear itself.
"Pitch…!?" Jack growled through his teeth. Pitch Black smirked down at them, his golden yellow eyes gleamed with sadistic malice. He wore a black cloak with a tall collar that reached his chin, and a golden rope belt around his waist, and his hair was a little longer than before.
"Surprised to see me, Jack?" Pitch asked smugly, Jack held his staff in front of him, ready to attack, "What are you doing here, Pitch? I thought you were dead!" he yelled. The Nightmare King chuckled mockingly, "Me? Dead?" Pitch asked, feigning surprise, "My dear Jack; have you forgotten already? You cannot kill fear. And as long as there's fear in the world, I will never die, because I am fear." "How are you here? I thought we got rid of you for good!" Tooth shouted, Pitch smirked wickedly, "Oh, let's just say, I came to my senses." He said simply.
"What do you want Black?" North said, taking out his swords. Pitch laughed again, standing up straight and folding his hands behind his back, "Now, now, there's no need for that, North. I'm only here to say hello, as I bring you good tidings." Bunnymund stepped up, his paw hovered over his hip where his boomerangs rested, "A greeting, good tidings? A threat's more like it. And since when have you ever brought good tidings?" He hissed through his teeth. Pitch chuckled, "Think what you want, rabbit. But I came here only to say this; you can say good-bye to your faithful believers, Guardians; because today is the day of a new war."  He said. Jack tensed, "War…?"
"The Dreamer has returned. And today marks the dawn of a new age. And not only will the children be forever plagued by darkness, but everything on the planet will fall into fear and despair."  Pitch threw his head back in laughter as serpent shaped Fearlings generated from his sand and began to chase the cowering elves and yetis, trashing everything in its path.

The Guardians looked on in horror. "That's enough Pitch!" Tooth charged at the Boogeyman head on, "Tooth! No!" North yelled. Pitch looked at her, and she suddenly flew across the room with a yelp by an unseen force, "Tooth!" Bunnymund yelled, he ran towards her, jumping up and catching her just in time and landing back on his feet, Tooth rubbed her head dazedly. "You all right, Tooth?" Bunny asked worriedly, "I'm fine…" she said.
Jack growled, "Pitch…!" he swung his staff and sent a small blizzard in his direction; Pitch raised his arm and dispersed it in a second with just the wave of his hand. Jack gasped.
"See this as a warning, Guardians. This world will never see the light of day, and fear will thrive above all once I'm through with it." Pitch snapped his fingers, and his Fearlings returned to their original form, and his dark sand began to cyclone around him.
"Until we meet again; Jack Frost."

Jack flew towards him, staff in hand, "Get back here!" he threw another blizzard at the swirling sand, but it dispersed, and his attack froze the wall.
"Arrgh! Coward!" he yelled. He regrouped with the others; Tooth had recovered from her daze and was now flying again with the help of Bunnymund. She assured him she was fine, but he kept giving her concerned looks once in a while.
North pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed shakily; "I never thought this would happen…not again, not now…" Sandy looked down sadly and rubbed his head. Jack looked around at his fellow Guardians, who all were shaken, and fear reflected from their eyes.
"What do we do now?" Tooth asked. Jack stared down at the trashed workshop from below, with an intense glare.

"We do what have to do." The Guardians looked up at the frost covered teen, who turned to them with a serious look on his face; the glimmer of mischief in his eyes no longer lingered in them, but blazed with anger.
"Which is what?" Bunnymund asked crossing his arms. Sandy stepped up and threw a bunch of dream sand over his head and created a crescent-like shape that looked like the moon.
For once, Jack understood what the Dream Guardian was saying, he nodded at sandy, "That's right. We talk to the big guy." The others looked out the window where the full moon was rising above the clouds.

"We need to know who the Dreamer is…I think they're our only option right now…"

*Hurry Now!
T'is finally here! Hope u like.
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