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  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: 80s music
  • Reading: Stuff.

Is helping a Friend repair her computer, and without it, she can't art, so GO NOW. LETS GO SOLDIERS.
Slime Girl Head-Shot Adopt ~ ((CLOSED)) by Princess-Seraphim
Slime Girl Head-Shot Adopt ~ ((CLOSED))
{{posted this on my other account, had no luck with selling her and has been gathering dust for months now, so I thought I'd try here XP}}

Price: 215Points
- No Fighting.
- Please DO NOT claim design as your own.
- Credit me please when you first draw them/introduce them.
- Don't claim them until you've paid.
- First come first serve.
The Hope of Humanity is Too Loud... by Princess-Seraphim
The Hope of Humanity is Too Loud...
"Tch. If you keep screeching like that the Titans will assume it's their mating call. So do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP."

Yep, I made an Attack on Titan OC, Ana Schläger. I posted her on my Drakon account but I thought I'd post it here, eh, I might end up posting a bunch of art from my other account on here cuz some of my watchers here haven't seen how much I've improved.

So as for Ana's backstory; she originally lived in the underground city under the Capitol, within Wall Sina, but where she lived before that is unknown. However, before that, the wealthy families and thugs of the inner wall and underground were the only thing she knew as what humanity was, and she found them as 'sickening and gluttonous wretches who have no right to be called human'. However, that was changed when she was rescued by a member of the Survey Corps (won't say what happened, but the result was her losing her right eye) and just before leaving they gave her their cloak as a 'gift'. Because of this, her faith in humanity was (partially) restored. When she was 17, she got a hold of some stolen 3DMG and (with some practice), instead of using it for her own interests, she becoming the Underground's version of 'Robin Hood', donning the green cloak that the soldier had given her a few years before, and became known by many as the 'Grüne Engel' or the 'Green Angel'. She'd steal from the Aristocrats above and try and help the unfortunate in the Underground, (she also became a vigilante of sorts when the Military Police were pushing people around). However the Scouting Legion got involved when they received complaints from the inner wall about a 'Rouge Soldier' wreaking havoc on the aristocratic society. When Commander Erwin realized that this person wasn't affiliated with the Corps, they gave chase after following her to the underground city. But it took them over two weeks to find her, due to her elusive skills with her 3D gear and being an unbelievably fast sprinter, until she was eventually captured and taken into custody. When asked her name, she went under the name of 'Allen Schläger', since they had perceived her to be a boy from her appearance and mannerisms, so she went along with it, partially to save them from the embarrassment, but also to try and get a new start and use this new identity to go deeper into hiding (for reasons I won't say yet). However, after returning to their HQ, Erwin requested to have a discussion with her in private. No one knows what took place between them, but soon after their discussion she was inducted into the Survy Corps, (explained by Commander Erwin) as a way for her to be pardoned for her crimes, (and this happened about a year before the Colossal Titan attacks Shinganshina)
well that's he back story, so far, but eventually people find out her true gender later on in her story. This picture is just how she'll look after the cat's out of the bag on that.

As for her personality, she's normally pretty chill and laid back, she's usually pretty stoic and indifferent but if she gets annoyed...she ends up like this. She substitutes her urge to punch the shit outta someone with words. But sometimes she will beat the shit outta someone if they talk out of turn, especially if they insult her superiors (Erwin and Levi mostly) or her squad, and is also surprisingly loyal to them despite her seemingly rebellious attitude. Her performance sometimes appears to be lacking when training, but when it comes to assignments and missions, she takes it deathly serious, and will go to extremes to execute them (sometimes literally). But that doesn't mean she can't have fun from time to time, like hiding Heicho's cleaning supplies or Pranking the new recruits, and doing all of this with a straight face. XD 

Eh, eh, ill add more later. So...enjoy.

Shingeki no Kyojin @ Isayama Hagime
'Allen'/Ana Schläger and art are mine.

  • Listening to: 80s music
  • Reading: Stuff.
I'm still alive, and this is just an update to new watchers;, if ya wanna reach me, you can find me here--> Ask-TheDrakon
  • Listening to: 80s music
  • Reading: Stuff.
Yeah I've been really inactive here, but I'll come back her more maybe. XP I need to post more stuff.

again, if you need to find me I'm here :iconask-thedrakon:
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: 80s music
  • Reading: Stuff.

Is helping a Friend repair her computer, and without it, she can't art, so GO NOW. LETS GO SOLDIERS.


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
The name's Tyler. (I know, interesting for a girl, XD) But I also go by Red, Sera, Ty, Ayano, TCAT, or Supreme Overlord of Adventure Time...

Okay, that last one was a joke.

I'm 15 I love Adventure Time, and the Avengers. I am apart of Loki's army. Deal with it.

I likes pop-tarts, my drawing tablet, and my characters...

...and junk.

You may NOT use my art, or post it anywhere else without my permission. If you do, I will hunt you down, and BREAK. YOUR. COMPUTER...

But other than that, feel free to look through my gallery which is probably spammed with Adventure time junk! :D

And if you don't like what you see here...



BTW come and visit my OC Seraphim's Ask Blog:…

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